Nipissing University, May 8 - 15, 2006

4th Annual Workshop

 Topology and Related Areas

Abstracts/Titles of Talks



Survey on applied topology and a talk(s) on minimal flows/transverse disks

William Basener
Rochester Institute of Technology



The Effect of Network Structure on a Rumour Propagation Dynamic

Bernard Brooks
Rochester Institute of Technology

A dynamical system modeling rumour propagation in a population represented by various network topologies will be presented. Does the qualitative network structure effect the propagation of the rumour? Network structures such as regular torus, random graph and small world networks will be compared. Traditionally mathematical models of rumour propagation have used a 'rumour as epidemic' approach that grossly oversimplifies the spatial and demographic distribution of the people infected with the rumour.



Open Problems in Span Theory

Logan Hoehn
University of Saskatchewan

The span of a connected metric space can be considered a version of the concept of diameter in continuum theory. Introduced by Lelek in 1964, span was first developed and studied in the context of sets of distances between points with identical images under a mapping. Since then, it has been identified as a major key towards a complete classification of all planar homogeneous continua. We look at open problems related to this application, as well as other unknown properties of span.



Constructions of non-standard Cantor sets in the 3-space, Parts I and II

Dusan Repovs
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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