Department of Computer Science & Mathematics, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

5th Annual Workshop on General and Geometric Topology

May, 2007


"Finally, I can see the difference!"

(Unknown Topologist)



Alex Karassev (

Murat Tuncali (

Vesko Valov (






Each day, there will be one morning (starting at 10 AM) and one afternoon (starting at 13 PM) talk. The room for all talks is A223.



May 7-11




May 21-25






Pawel Krupski (Mathematical Institute, University of Wroclaw, Poland)

Andrzej Nagorko (Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw, Poland)

Edward D. Tymchatyn (University of Saskatchewan)





Clinton Curry (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

Logan Hoehn (University of Toronto)

Chris Mouron (Rhodes College,Tennessee)

John C. Mayer (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

Edward D. Tymchatyn (University of Saskatchewan)

Mark Wachowiak (Nipissing)



Abstracts of Talks