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May 12-16, 2008

Fields Institute Workshop on Topological Methods in Algebra, Analysis and Dynamical Systems

Videostreaming of the lectures

An introduction to Weingarten Calculus

Benoit Collins Talk 1 Talk 2

Complex Dynamics and Complex Topology

Robert L. Devaney Talk 1 Talk 2 Talk 3

Topological centres, admissible algebra and semigroup compactifications

Stefano Ferri Talk 1 Talk 2

Julia sets of elliptic functions:
a compendium of topological types

Jane Hawkins Talk

Inverse limits, economics and backward dynamics

Judy Kennedy Talk

Applications of rings of continuous functions in the theory of locally precompact groups

Gabor Lukcs Talk 1 Talk 2

Any counterexample to the Makienko conjecture is an indecomposable continuum

John C. Mayer Talk

Geometry and Topology

Lex Oversteegen Talk 1 Talk 2

Banach representations and enveloping semigroups

Vladimir Uspenskiy Talk 1 Talk 2


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