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TOPOLOGY PROCEEDINGS publishes two volumes each year; one of them is published by Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A, and the other is published by Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
TOPOLOGY PROCEEDINGS publishes papers in all areas of topology and dynamical systems. All quality research and survey papers are welcome.
TOPOLOGY PROCEEDINGS is reviewed by Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH, and it is one of MathSciNet Reference List journals.

The journal is grateful to Auburn University, Nipissing University, the Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, and the Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications for their generous support.

Mailing Address:
Topology Proceedings
Department of Mathematics
Auburn University, Alabama 36849
phone: 334-844-6566
fax: 334-844-6555

Information for Authors:
All quality papers in topology and dynamical systems are welcome. Acceptance for publication is subject to our
refereeing process. Accepted articles are published electronically on this website as soon as they are ready for publication. The electronic publication is final, articles posted on our website cannot be changed. After each volume is completed, its paper version will be published and sent to subscribers. Both versions of each article, electronic and paper, will have the same text and pagination. Additionally, the electronic version may contain other media elements such as hyperlinks, color figures, animations, etc.
Guidelines for Referees:
A research paper to be accepted in Topology Proceedings must be an original and important contribution to the field, interesting to an appreciable number of our readers.
A survey paper to be accepted should go significantly beyond a simple listing of definitions, theorems, names and dates. This may be accomplished by a useful reworking of proofs, unification of arguments, an original point of view, or other substantial input making the paper a valuable contribution to the literature.

Gary Gruenhage, Auburn University (e-mail:
Craig Guilbault, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (e-mail:
Logan Hoehn, Nipissing University (e-mail:
Michael Hrusak, UNAM, Morelia, Mexico (e-mail:
Alexandre Karassev, Nipissing University (e-mail:
Judy Kennedy, Lamar University (e-mail:
John C. Mayer, University of Alabama at Birmingham (e-mail:
Kim Ruane, Tufts University (e-mail:
Dmitri Shakhmatov, Ehime University (e-mail:
Paul Szeptycki, York University (e-mail:
Murat Tuncali, Nipissing University (e-mail:

Technical Editors:
Beth Fletcher, Auburn University (Spring issue) (e-mail:
Greg Foster, Nipissing University (Summer issue) (e-mail:

Advisory Board:
Beverly L. Brechner, Thomas A. Chapman, Robert L Devaney, Robert J. Daverman, Alexander N. Dranishnikov, Ross Geoghegan, Jo Heath, Robert W. Heath, Jimmie D. Lawson, Wayne Lewis, Daniel R. McMillan, Jr., Edward E. Slaminka, Stephen Watson, James E. West, John M. Worrell, Jr., James A. Yorke.

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