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May 18-22, 2009

7th Annual Workshop


Implementation of inquiry-based pedagogy significantly improves middle school student achievement

William Bond and John Mayer

Inclusion of inquiry-based group work with computer-assisted instruction significantly improves university student achievement in finite mathematics

William Bond and John Mayer

Monotone Decompositions for Julia Sets

Clinton Curry

Fields of Hilbert spaces over a topological space

Leonel Robert Gonzalez

Cuntz equivalence of Hilbert C*-modules

Leonel Robert Gonzalez

A construction of a compact metric space from a compact Hausdorff space

Logan Hoehn

Thurston Laminations which are invariant under the map
σ3: S1 S1

Jeffrey Houghton

Finite-to-one maps into manifolds and spaces with disjoint disks properties

Alexandre Karassev  

Noetherian bases of lexicographically ordered trees

Natasha May

Buried points in Julia sets

John Mayer

Laminations of the unit disk and Julia sets

John Mayer


Chris Mouron

On ultracopower of unit interval

Alexander Pyshchev


Ed Tymchatyn

Characterizing isotopic continua in the sphere

Kirsten Valkenburg


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